Kids Obstacle Race

Truth is I was looking forward to this kids obstacle race more than Adam but with me being 15 weeks pregnant I had to take it easy.  I’ll just have to sign up for an adult mud race after I have the baby.  I came across the Kids Obstacle Challenge event a while back and luckily it was coming to the Bay Area so I was able to sign up the boys.  If you have been looking for a similar event I would suggest you visit their website to find out the dates and locations coming up.  They seem to go all over.  You only register the kids and one adult per child is allowed to accompany them in the obstacle race. 

I really liked how they spreaded out the obstacle challenges in between some light running.  It made the boys look forward to more challenges as they were running.  Its supposedly a race but we took our time as did most people.  Also, sometimes the boys wanted to re do the challenge like climbing the wall, etc so we let them. They also have a few water stations along the way so you don’t need to take water bottles on the race. I was happy to find out the mud challenges ( 2) were the last ones because it allowed us to be that less messy. hehe.  However, they were the most fun ones to do.  Luckily, theres an area where you can wash it off right away.  We look forward to doing it again next year.